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Breath of Life
Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Simon Gosling, PACT. Mbl. 022 0217076


From the beginning of our lives we are experiencing. In fact, some would say that experience is the prerequisite for life. Most of these experiences lead to greater knowledge, enhancing our life and eventually leading to transformation.

Some experiences however introduce trauma into our systems. This process of shock traumatisation, leads to contraction within our bodies on some level.

The Cerebrospinal fluid that bathes the central nervous system acts as an absorber of shocks that threaten this our most delicate and inner core. The Craniosacral Therapist will work with this cerebrospinal fluid, listening deeply to its fluctuation, which in fact, is expressed through the body as a rhythmic pulsatory primary breath.

By design our bodies are extremely clever and at the centre of any disturbance, there is health. This protects the body from continuous harm and limits disease.

Craniosacral Therapy is about accessing and reconnecting with the health. The work introduces the client to a deeper, more still part of their being wherein resides our original intention to incarnate.

"Truth arises out of stillness. Stillness permeates the world. It is an expression of the divine creative intention. It is the ground of emergence for all form.
Franklyn Sills RCST

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