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Advanced Courses in Craniosacral Therapy


Trauma, Embodiment and the Holistic Shift

A post-graduate course designed to deepen your understanding of working with Trauma. The course aims to equip practitioners to recognise when their patients have a charge running through their autonomic nervous system making it impossible for them to enter the Holistic Shift where they can settle into the deeper tides.

Once we have defined shock and trauma we will look at Eugene Gendlin's work of Focusing, the basis of our understanding of the 'felt-sense'. We will examine Peter Levine and Franklyn Sills' work on the trauma and healing vortices, tracking and titration, over and under coupling and recapitulation.

This course aims to provide practitioners with skills to work with both hyper and hypo arousal states safely and clinically with special reference being made to working with babies and infants.

Course objectives:

1. Define trauma in a psychological and spiritual perspective.

2. Establish the importance of embodiment and resources in dealing with traumatised clients.

3. Exploring and clarifying the work of Peter Levine and his Somatic Experiencing in dealing with traumatised clients

4. Learning to recognise the psychological and physiological affects of hyper and hypo arousal in clients to ensure greater safety when approaching traumatised clients. Applying these principles when working with babies and children.

Open to professional biodynamic craniosacral therapists only.




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